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Aarhus – The city of smiles!

Why is Aarhus called the City of Smiles? Aarhus is called “Smiliets by” (the city of smiles) and this and for good reason. This city spreads so much joy and that’s why people always walk around with a smile on their faces. Photo: Dennis Borup Jakobsen The most popular museum is ARoS! You can’t miss …


What is so special about Nørrebro?

Where is Nørrebro? Nørrebro is located in the northwest of Copenhagen. The Nørrebro district is the city’s most vibrant and hipster neighbourhood. The area is known for its creativity as it’s filled with student life and bars, which are open until late at night. Photo: The park is divided into three main areas The …


Top 5 attractions in Odense

5 attractions in Odense you have to visit! Odense is the third largest city in Denmark. There are many interesting museums and cultural surprises. The city has a big zoo there the family can spend a hyggelig (cosy) day together. Next to that is Odense one of the oldest cities in the country. There are …