What to experience in the southern part of Denmark?

This town has a lovely spot in my heart because it is the place where I grew up. Sønderborg is located in eastern South Jutland on the island Als. Here you will find many beautiful nature areas, especially along Sønderborg harbour, where you can enjoy Denmark’s award-winning best ice cream. There are also a lot of good opportunities for an active holiday or weekend trip in the form of lovely bicycling areas and excellent sailing facilities.

Photo: Studentum

History comes to life in Sønderborg

Visit historical Sønderborg Castle. The museum here tells you all about the area in the Middle Ages. It contains an extensive collection of furniture, weapons and art. And you will get a good background knowledge about some of the historical monuments that have taken place in Sønderborg.

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Continuing our exploration of the history of this area, we cannot ignore the war of 1864, as it left deep footprints on the Danish mind, but also WW1 had its impact on this part of Denmark, which was under German control until the reunification in 1920. You can learn more about the battle of 1864 Dybbøl Banke in the historical centre outside of the city. During the summer months, a recreation of a military camp from the past comes alive. The children can cast their own bullets, telegraph in the post office or bake pancakes on fire.

Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

Medieval Ring Battle in Sønderborg

There is the famous Medieval Ring Battle festival (Ringriderfest) in Sønderborg. Ringriderfest is a chivalrous exercise and game from the Middle Ages. Since then, the custom has become a more popular celebration. During an entire weekend, horse riders compete against each other as knights on horseback who must collect as many rings on their spears as possible. Read more here!

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The festival is always held on the first weekend in July. The Ringriderfest is undoubtedly worth a visit. This week, in particular, is visited by people from all over the North and offers the opportunity to see the large travelling funfair or hear concerts by various musical names, both local and national.

Enjoy some luxury!

Alsik is a newly built luxury hotel. With its 46 meter height, the Alsik Hotel and Spa offers a fantastic view over Sønderborg. Point of View is situated on the 16th floor of Alsik Hotel and Spa, offering a magnificent city view. You can enjoy the views, from Dybbøl Mill to Vemmingbund, over Sønderborg Castle and the city to Kegnæs from all sides. Book here for a point of View!

Besides the view, there are also multiple options of restaurants. One of them is the high-end gourmet restaurant Syttende is, situated on the 17th floor and offers panoramic views over the island. Renowned chef Jesper Koch runs it.

Sønderborg is an ideal location for a city holiday. You can stroll through the old part of town and see the small houses, visit the museums at the castle or book a massage at the spa at Alsik Hotel and Spa.

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