Where is Nørrebro?

Nørrebro is located in the northwest of Copenhagen. The Nørrebro district is the city’s most vibrant and hipster neighbourhood. The area is known for its creativity as it’s filled with student life and bars, which are open until late at night.

Photo: byportalerne.dk

The park is divided into three main areas

The Red Square (Den Røde Plads), The Black Market (Det Sorte Marked) and The Green Park (Den Grønne Park). While the Red Square represents modern urban life with cafés, music and sports, the Black Market is the classic square with fountains and benches. The Green Park is a park for picnics, sports and dog walks and is used by locals. To the south of Nørrebro are the lakes of Copenhagen, which are definitely worth exploring. The lakes are an important and popular place for daily life, filled with joggers, walkers and families.

Photo: Iwan Baan, Iwan Baan, Ursula Bach

Walking through the streets of Nørrebro, you will also come across the Assistens kirkegård (cemetery) and the graves of some famous Danish icons, such as Hans Christian Andersen (author) and Søren Kierkegaard (philosopher and poet). Superkilen is Nørrebro’s urban space, located in the district Mimersgade. Superkilen radiates diversity, and the park is a kind of world exhibition filled with artefacts and exciting things from all over the world.
Photo: Oliver Förstner

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